Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Exhibit

I probably don't have to explain that time got the better of me in working on new work and preparing for the event. Unfortunately, neither of the pieces I was working on were ready for exhibition. So I curated the exhibit to include older work and new work that was already completed by the time I began blogging about the EBOS 2013 process.
The work I'm showing at 401 26th St., Oakland, on Saturday and Sunday (June 7, 8, & 9, 2013) is an interesting glance at the evolution of my work with the human mark. They are textured abstract pieces on canvas that engage the viewer in a physical, spiritual, and intellectual way.
On Friday night we will have a First Friday evening event from 6-9 p.m. On Saturday and Sunday we open at 11 a.m., close at 6 p.m. I am exhibiting with 19 other artists (jewelers, potters, graphic artists, a weaver, and other painters) so plan to stay a while and enjoy the live music, refreshments, and festive atmosphere.We are at: 401 26th St., Oakland, Ca., between Broadway and Telegraph, at the Uptown Body and Fender. We call ourselves The Uptown Twenty!

Did you ever stop to realize that every other art form charges admission to enjoy it? We cannot attend theater, film, concerts, or ballet without paying for a ticket. But visual artists make their work visible and available for free. So, don't forget your cash, checkbooks, and credit cards!  Come out in support of the visual arts! We'd love to see you!

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