Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy New Year!

Just in case you have forgotten or abandoned those new year resolutions you made in January, Chinese New Year allows you to reconsider and redetermine your priorities. So today's the day to set one new goal or one new habit. Tomorrow is waiting to receive you, this is the day to
Fall in love,
Take a stand,
Make an impression
Be a star!

Do Something Different for a Change

On November 18, 2007 one of my dearest friends, Michael Grbich, celebrated his 75th birthday by tap dancing across the Golden Gate Bridge. He did it to embody the message “you are never too old to do exciting, fun, and unpredictable things.” Michael also walks a tight wire (that is stretched across his living room), and he creates fabulous paintings incorporating discarded materials.
Many of you may be saying, “oh, he’s an artist,” as if he were born with an extra set of hands or two brains. Michael is unusual alright, he is unusual because despite the losses he has suffered (and they have been considerable), he refuses to be overwhelmed by the swells of life’s stormy seas. His greatest “weapons” against depression and malaise are gratitude, creativity, and a strong spiritual connection to his physical being.
Those “weapons” empower Michael to joyously entertain the idea of creative risk. He’s willing to risk making a bad painting, or falling down in public for the sake of physical and mental adventure. This keeps life interesting. It keeps him engaged and fully present in every moment. It’s no wonder that people admire and love him.

So how does your life compare with Michael’s? What was your last creative risk? When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary, just for the sake of spontaneity? Just for fun!
Routine and habit are great for making us feel secure and sane, but if we want to keep growing throughout our life, if we want to live joyously, we must be willing to open the doors of chance by welcoming the unpredictable.
You can start with small risks. Buy a vegetable you don’t like, to pique your culinary creativity. Challenge yourself to cook that vegetable in a way that makes it appealing to you. Smear peanut butter on it, or grill it with you favorite barbecue sauce.
Try parting your hair on the other side of your head. Get a henna tattoo that will fade in a week. Wear your t-shirt inside out. Do something different for a change.

Add unexpected choices into each day. Surprise yourself! This will prepare you for dealing with the improbable when it’s thrown at you, and that could happen any day now.