Thursday, July 31, 2008

This blog has taught me something I guess I've never realized about myself: When it comes to my work, I'm a perfectionist. I can't seem to get myself to just write something and send it out. Consequently, there are not too many blog entries, in case anybody is actually reading them. So today's blog is my first step to freeing up my own creative writing process for the sake of blogging more freely and adventurously.
Each entry is accompanied by a piece of my visual work in an attempt to bring writing and visual art together, within the Coaching arena. Some may say that these things have nothing to do with Coaching. Coaching is about achieving our goals, breaking past our limitations, and learning to be our own cheering squad. Well, nothing teaches those things like a commitment to art. I know firsthand that artists have to learn to deal with rejection, competition, and the realities of a challenging market place.
Being an artist is a little like internet dating, in that you are forced to put yourself out into the world, expressing your most personal feelings and ideas. You constantly feel vulnerable. You know that there are thousands of other artists out there (in the Bay Area: over 40,000 artists!) vying for attention and selection, and you know that your work is only going to appeal to a few viewers. You just hope and pray to reach the right people.
This is just one of the reasons that I based my Coaching on the creative process. Everyday I seem to learn another parallel between Coaching, Living, and being a committed artist.
Now, I'm going to hit the POST button (okay, I will check for spelling errors) POST!