Monday, February 8, 2016

When is a blog like a website?

It's been a long time since I have written. Actually, I write frequently in my head, but the realities of my obsession with editing keeps me from writing more frequently. Today, I am making what you could call a declaration. I have long lamented my inability to make my own website that I could add to whenever I wanted. Then, I realized that such a website would act be like a blog. Holy smokes! Then why can't a blog be like a website???  So here I declare this blog is now also a website.
    I will be adding images of new work with more frequency, and writing about the inspirations or lessons learned in the process of creating them. I do have a website ( which to my mind has none of the vivacity of the work, nor the continued  spontaneity of its life.
This painting which hangs above me in my current Facebook page is titled River Psalm. It was done in 2008. It's dimensions are 38" x 40". The image is actually only a portion of the experience. It has a presence enhanced by a rich surface that varies in textures and markings. Along with acrylics I've used Flexall to build up the surface, then large gage wire in the chicken wire pattern was embedded into the thick surface. Lengths of wire extends horizontally, piercing the canvas. Shreds of cheese cloths are also entangled in places. River Psalm is currently on view at Elizabeth H at 5431 College Ave., Oakland, California. It is available for purchase.

         I also want to take a moment to encourage any and all to breathe deeply into that creative spirit inside you. It isn't easy to devote time to self-expression in a society that hawks everything in the marketplace. I cannot tell you how difficult it is for me, after all these years, to commit myself to hours writing and painting. There is very little encouragement in our culture. Especially those of us who do not work in a computerized medium or neon plastic kinesthetic robots. It is important if it is important to you. Serve your creative call, be your own advocate. You should know that every time you choose to sit down to write or pick up your paint brush, your clay, or whatever is your medium, I am somewhere rooting for you. Life is a creative adventure, be your own guide, draw your own map.